Buying stocks is easy. Anybody can do that. The hard part is knowing when to sell. And very few people know how to do that. We’ve all made expensive mistakes-either missing the full upside by selling too soon, or taking a huge loss by holding a falling stock too long.

Let’s face it. Most people don’t know when to sell a falling stock. So they’re frozen into inactivity, saying, “Should I just keep holding and hoping, or should I cut my losses now?” And there’s no reliable crystal ball to tell anyone when a rising stock has peaked.

The problem that causes both these mistakes to happen is simple: Ordinary investors are ruled by emotions. And the only way you’re ever going to join the highest echelon of the world’s best investors is to strip all emotions out of your decisions.

Greed… fear… worry… nervousness-all these feelings have to go.

And so we advice you on how to do it…

We not only provide you on On Line Share Trading through NSE / BSE but also provide you an expert consultancy for the right time to invest & sell.

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